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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Author Guest Post and GIVEAWAY: Please Welcome Louisa Kelley

Please join me today in welcoming Louisa Kelley, author of the Daughters of Draca series!  She is offering a $25 Amazon gift card to one commenter on her entire tour.  To leave a comment on this post, simply click the title of the post, which will take you to the IntenseDebate of it all.  The more you comment on the tour, the better your chances of winning! The full tour schedule is posted here.

Let's get down to it- take it away Louisa!

How Louisa Kelley Got Her Writing Muse On:
5 Must-Read Authors for Every Aspiring Fantasy/ Erotic Author and Reader

One of the ways I learned to write erotic fantasy was and is by being a great reader. I read voraciously in the science fiction/fantasy/erotica/paranormal genres. When I decided to try my hand at writing one of these stories myself, I began to read my books a bit differently. I found myself asking: Why am I enjoying this story so much? What is the author doing here that makes this character/action so great? Over time, the answers to these questions taught me a lot about the craft of writing.

Below is my personal list of the authors that inspired, delighted and astounded me with their stories and mastery of craft. Their books live on my keeper shelves.

1.) First up is the incomparable author Emma Holly. She’s one of the very best erotic authors in the marketplace today, IMHO. I first discovered her paranormal series that began with the book “Catching Midnight” and after that initial electrifying read, I went on to devour her backlist and then counted the months until each new release. This woman ‘does’ penises like nobody’s business. How can she know so much about men and their sexual bits? Her sex scenes are full of such hot detail it’s as if she’s lived life as a man. She is absolutely fearless in her erotica. She can write historical (The Fitz Clare Chronicles series- fantastic!), contemporary or urban fantasy. The emotional content of the stories are deep, the romance between the characters vivid and compelling.

In a way, she gave me permission to find my own voice and craft my own unique erotic stories. Thank you Emma Holly!

2.) Second on my list is Susan Squires. Susan did a Regency Vampire series (The Hunger, The Burning, The Companion etc.) that is one of the best vampire series I’ve ever read. The vampire mythology she builds is unique among the genre. Her prose is beautiful, her characters complex and fascinating. She takes her time, using all the senses in her descriptions (the Egyptian desert- swoon!), showcasing a mastery of timing that astonishes me. I felt like an understudy, trying to figure out how she managed such tight pacing while spinning such wonderful stories. I would recommend any book she’s written that was published before 2010.

Thank you Susan Squires for inspiring me to write sensual action scenes that entices the reader to want more!

3.) Third up would be author Kresley Cole, and her book “A Hunger Like No Other” (Book One of her Immortals After Dark series). This book won the Rita Award for best paranormal romance in 2006. I was at the Romance Writers of America convention when she won this award, and was thrilled to see her win. I’ve read the book twice now and as far as I’m concerned, the story is written about as perfectly as a paranormal romance can be written. She’s got everything. Uber hot, fascinating hero with issues, a paranormal world and mythology that’s not only compelling but humorous. Unusual and unique characters, satisfying emotional depth and lots of great action. Oh, and perfect pacing.

It’s enough to make someone envious. How did she do that? This book is my personal standard for excellence in paranormal writing. Thank you Kresley Cole for inspiring me to keep honing my craft!

4.) Next on the list is the science fiction author Catherine Asaro. Her (10) book series called “The Saga of the Skolian Empire” leaves me in utter awe. The author has a doctorate in physics, and imbues her knowledge of science into an incredible space opera/hard science/romance saga. It’s a vast, sprawling epic, with completely unique mythology and characters. At the end of every one of these books, I am left with my head spinning. How did she come up with all those stories and characters and weave them together so perfectly with all that complicated space science? These are absolute must-reads for any fan of science fiction space opera.

Thank you Catherine Asaro for being my eternal standard for brilliant writing. You are a goddess.

5.) And last but not least, there is Susan Krinard. Susan’s werewolf series (‘Luck of the Wolf, Bride of the Wolf” etc) was the first I ever read about shape-shifting wolves, and today it remains my personal favorite of any werewolf series. She captures the essence of wolf society and the inner mind of creatures who are part wolf and part human like no one else. Her other paranormal series, begun with “Lord of Legends” are also excellent reads. I am blown away by her fine sense of tension and conflict. Her stories are literal page-turners. There is very little fluff; it’s all characterization and action. I thought ‘Lord of Legends’ showcased an author at the top of her game. Anything by Susan is highly recommended.

Thank you Susan Krinard for inspiring me to create my own unique paranormal shape-shifter stories.

I hope the readers of this post are now duly inspired to check out these excellent authors, and also to perhaps make their way to my own stories of hot and spicy dragon shape-shifters and the women who love them.

Louisa Kelley
Thanks again to Louisa for stopping by!  Remember, every comment on the posts on this tour is a chance to win the $25 Amazon gift certificate!
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