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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review: A Brush of Darkness

Title: A Brush of Darkness
Author: Allison Pang
Page Count: 368 pages
Publisher: Pocket Star
Genre: urban fantasy romance, first in a series
Copy for review was read as a free read on pocketafterdark.com
*This book counts for the AAD2012 Reading Challenge*

The man of her dreams might be the cause of her nightmares.

Six months ago, Abby Sinclair was struggling to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Now, she has an enchanted iPod, a miniature unicorn living in her underwear drawer, and a magical marketplace to manage. But despite her growing knowledge of the OtherWorld, Abby isn’t at all prepared for Brystion, the dark, mysterious, and sexy-as- sin incubus searching for his sister, convinced Abby has the key to the succubus’s whereabouts. Abby has enough problems without having this seductive shape-shifter literally invade her dreams to get information. But when her Faery boss and some of her friends vanish, as well, Abby and Brystion must form an uneasy alliance. As she is sucked deeper and deeper into this perilous world of faeries, angels, and daemons, Abby realizes her life is in as much danger as her heart—and there’s no one she can trust to save her.

First off, for those that aren't on board with Pocket After Dark, you should head over and check it out! They have two different full-length Pocket novels available to read for free online each month as well as excerpts from current releases/soon to be released books, forums, polls, and all that jazz. I don't venture over there as often as I should but in this case I'm glad I did, as I got to read this book for free!

This is book the first in the Abby Sinclair series, and it doesn't waste time getting started.  We dive right into the story and the world that the characters have been inhabiting for awhile at this point.  Abby is trying to figure out how she fits into the events that are going on around her; keeping a low profile is her best bet but, as is often the case, it doesn't really work.  See, her boss is an Important Person among the fae, and sooner or later that Important Person being missing is going to register on someone's radar.

Soon enough, it does- on Brystion's.  He's an incubus and the attraction is immediate.  Brystion is looking for his sister, who is also missing.  Together they try to figure out what the heck is happening to these people and to somehow address the minefield of Issues between them.

This is one of those books that's very visual- you visualize in your head what the setting, characters, and events look like as they happen or are brought up and that's how they look for the rest of the time you spend reading.  There are a lot of vivid details in this book and they're used in a way that make imagining the goings-on in the story very real.  While I admit there are times that I wasn't quite sure how pieces of the story fit together, per se, my imagination was quick to fill in the blanks.

The ending of the book was a quick denouement, with a twist that was sad and definitely hinted at what's coming in book 2.  I thought the play on the title was clever, and that a lot of elements were highlighted that will definitely merit further exploration in future books.  This is a good start to an imaginative series.

Overall Grade:
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