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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: Prime Obsession

Title: Prime Obsession
Author: Monette Michaels
Page Count: Super novel (length according to publisher's website,) Kindle format
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: science fiction romance, first in a series
Copy for review was purchased by me
Buy a copy here

Melina Dmitros is a seasoned battleship captain for the Galactic Alliance. Calls from ships in distress are not all that uncommon in the outermost spirals of the Milky Way. Calls from the warlike Prime were. Now that they were allies, Mel figures she’d better get used to working in conjunction with the chauvinistic race. She never expected to be attracted to one of them.

The Prime, one of the oldest species in the galaxy, were known for going their own way. But with problems on Cejuru Prime and increasing attacks by the Antareans, the Prime joined the Alliance to lend their expertise in battling the warlike reptilian species--and ultimately, to survive as a race.

Captain Wulf Caradoc, the eldest son and heir apparent of the Prime leader, looked forward to the trip to the Alliance ambassadorial planet. His mission is ostensibly to deliver the diplomatic team to the new Prime embassy. His real mission is to meet his fated mate, his gemate, one of the Lost Ones. Wulf hadn’t anticipated the diplomatic mission being attacked by pirates--and he especially hadn’t anticipated his gemate, Melina Dmitros, being the one sent to rescue his ship.

Two strong people pulled together by biology and fate. Their union will be forged in a crucible of survival, treachery and duty.

I am enjoying the heck out of my spring break right now, and among the things on my list to do and enjoy  this week is to get caught up (hopefully) on reviews!  I was inspired to read Prime Obsession after Sandra Sookoo recommended it in her guest post back in February. Incidentally, make sure to read her book, Ricochet, while you're at it.

Anyway, Prime Obsession is a fun story for a variety of reasons. I love a good space-based science fiction romance, first of all. Load me up with intergalactic alliances and drama and politial intrigue and I am a seriously happy camper. Prime Obsession doesn't break any new ground in this area, but an engaging setting is established with a bigger conflict that will carry on through future installments in the series and still maintain its momentum.

Second, I enjoyed the subtle but still important twist on the fated mate trope that shows up in romance all the time. I don't have an issue with this element at all, far from it in fact, but I think it's a good thing when an author takes something that's tried and true and reworks it into something novel. In this case, the element was the idea of battle mates- sort of like super charged fated mates who also complement each other as fighters. The idea was used well here to kind of propel our hero and heroine into getting to know each other and quit bickering a little sooner, which worked for me in this story.

This isn't a perfect story- there are a lot of cliches in the writing, both from the science fiction angle and from the romance angle (I'm totally okay with a futuristic world having regular hours instead of standard hours, and if I ever own a racehorse I'm going to name it Throbbing Member) but they didn't overly detract from my enjoyment of the story. The language of the story is also something that I tend to notice one time when I read a book and not another- I initially read this book back in February cover to cover and didn't notice the language that time around, but as I flipped back through the book in preparation for writing this review it definitely stood out to me more.  Still a fun story though!

According to the author's website, the next book in the series is called Prime Selection and while no release date is provided that I could see, I definitely enjoyed reading this first installment enough to be on board for the second.  It's worth noting as well that this book isn't available through Amazon, my vendor of choice, but then again I don't think any Liquid Silver Books titles are available via Amazon.  Please correct me if I'm wrong though!  As it stands now, this was a fun, spicy space romance with plenty of room for the series to grow from here.

Overall Rating:

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