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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer is Here!

The school year is done here in my neck of the woods and that means it's time to plan for other things! I am teaching summer school this year, which starts in a week, but there are lots of things I'm looking forward to in the next few months:

-Reading more! I've been reading a lot of good books lately (I'm in the middle of Shades of Milk and Honey right now and I LOVE it) and I'm looking forward to finally having time to review the standouts.

-Finally getting caught up on my remaining AAD Author Spotlights- I apologize for the delay on that!

-Craft time! I've been making a lot of gifts for birthdays/bridal showers/other events and planning ahead for Christmas as well. Time to get ahead!

-Laying on the beach. Summer is here and in full swing!

-Training for my next 5k in mid-August. This one is timed- eek!

-Cooking more. I have been taking the easy way out a lot lately because of time but there are so many good recipes I want to try. Decisions, decisions.

What is everyone else up to this summer?
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