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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: Enemy Games

Title: Enemy Games
Author: Marcella Burnard
Page Count: 368 pages
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: science fiction romance
Copy for review obtained via my public library

Cover Summary:
Kidnapped while combating a devastating plague, Jayleia Durante fights to resist the attractive Major Damen Sindrivik, an officer from a rival government’s spy corps. But with her spymaster father missing, and mercenaries hot on her trail, Jayleia must join forces with the magnetic, charming and manipulative spy. She must see past her desire and remember that his single-minded agenda is for the protection of the empire - not her or her people.

Damen knows a shadowy network of traitors has allied with the violent Chekydran, and that Jayleia’s father holds the key to dismantling that web. She becomes his only lead in a circuitous round of hide and seek and despite their opposing sides, he can’t resist her. Too bad his instincts tell him Jayleia is lying to him.

Now Jayleia and Damen must find the love to match their passion and end the war or they’ll become the prey of the traitors they stalk, and one species’ civil war will consume the galaxy.

Whew! After I read, loved, and reviewed the first book in this series (Enemy Within- read my review here) I admit I was a little nervous that the second book in the series wouldn't live up to my expectations.  I was wrong, happily, and this book, while definitely different from the first one, was still a fun, hot science fiction romance that left me happy for the main couple at the end.

Jayleia's father is missing, and for the director of one of the top intelligence agencies in the galaxy to go missing means something is seriously wrong.  Naturally, everyone thinks that his immediate family would know where he is, and so everyone is gunning for Jayleia, not knowing that her relationships with her parents are distant at best and confrontational at worst.

Jayleia's spent her entire life trying to be her own person, but as the daughter of two famous people that hasn't been easy.  Now yet another person has waltzed into her life making demands, except this one she wants to eat up with a spoon- Damen Sindrivik.  She's not an idiot, though, and realizes that Damon has his own agenda and that she may or may not benefit from helping him achieve it.

Damen knows that he has to tread lightly with Jayleia, both to find out what he needs to know and to ensure that she doesn't hate him.  Still waters run deep with Damen, and as Jayleia finds out more about him he's worried that she'll be able to walk away and feel good about it.  That isn't going to work for Damen, and it was fun watching them realize that they had it bad for each other, and also to learn more about the other's past and find that they were willing to work through it together.

As it happens, there's more than meets the eye in many facets of this story- even the war with the Chekydran, who up until now were reptilian monsters with no redeeming features whatsoever who threatened everyone in the entire galaxy, no exceptions.  Come to find out, things are not what they seem there either, which causes a serious crisis of consciousness for all members of the cast that we've met so far.

There was no cliffhanger ending here, and with the elements of this story resolved I'm content to wait for the next installment (which hopefully, will be soon) and know that it will be worth waiting for.  It definitely has big shoes to fill!

Overall Rating:

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