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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review Copy Cleanup Review 4- Deadlock

Title: Deadlock
Author: Moira Rogers
Page Count: 264 pages (975 KB Kindle format)
Publisher: Samhain
Genre: paranormal romance
Copy for review provided by the author in anticipation of an honest review

Back Cover Summary:
Abandoned by her wolf shifter father and raised by her human psychic mother, Carmen Mendoza can’t deny she’s different. She craves things most women shy away from–and she has a trail of shapeshifting ex-boyfriends to prove it.

Working at a clinic for supernatural creatures, she’s escaped the notice of her father’s legacy-obsessed family. Until they need a pawn in their bid for power. Snared by a vicious spell designed to wake her inner wolf, Carmen’s only hope is to trust the one man strong enough to soothe her darkest instincts.

Alec Jacobson was once the heir apparent to the wolves’ ruling elite, until he walked away to marry the woman he loved. She paid with her life. He lives as a rebel, a black-sheep alpha who protects the supernatural residents of New Orleans from the wolves’ barbaric class system. Too bad he can’t protect himself from his need for Carmen.

Yet staking his claim on his enemy’s niece will turn his city into a battleground. Unless he can find a way to stop breaking the rules–and start making them.

Warning: This book contains a renegade alpha wolf, a smart empathic doctor, very dirty sex with psychic safe-words, the occasional dominance game in and out of the bedroom, and a group of supernatural citizens ready to take on the corrupt leaders of their world.

This is one of those times where I confess my kind-of failure as a reviewer.  I've had this book in my review stack for over a year!  I haven't decanted it yet because I knew I would love it; I was holding on to it for some special occasion that never happened.

That occasion was today, and I'm super glad I did!  I had high expectations for this book and wasn't disappointed.  I don't really recommend starting here with this series, as the first two books are also excellent and do a good job of setting up the events that happen here, but if you're willing to take my word for it that lots of things happened before this book and you promise you will go back and read the first two, you can start here as well.

Before I forget, you can get the first book in this series, Crux, for FREE from Amazon right now until 8/15 by clicking here.  You're welcome.

Anyway, what's not to like about this book?  The book disclaimer says it all- the characters are great, the conflict is intense, and there are appearances by all the familiar characters from the first two books.  Alec is a lovable dope who thinks he has to take care of everyone and Carmen is looking for someone who won't try to use her.  Carmen's father wins the douche of the year award, but we get to meet her family, and I know that these guys will show up in future installments of the series.

Can I talk for a minute, without giving anything away, about how excellent the ending was?  There were a few loose ends from the previous two books that didn't seem like they'd get resolved, but then they totally did, and in a way that set things up nicely for the next book.  I'm a big fan of books where the good guys totally whomp the bad guys, and this book fits that category nicely.

Overall this was an excellent installment in a series that I already enjoy and recommend.  I have the next two books in this series for review, including the forthcoming Impulse, and I pinkie swear and spit shake that it won't take me as long to read those, especially after I enjoyed this one so much.

Overall Rating:

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